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What about crossing from China, Tibet or Bhoutan to join Nepal ??

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What about crossing from China, Tibet or Bhoutan to join Nepal ??


would like to go to Nepal by bike from France, but I don't see how to reach it, because from west, going by Afghanistan and Pakistan seems risky, and I don't know if it is possible to go into the country by Tibet , Bhoutan and even if crossing by central China is possible by bike...?
So if you have some experience of it and recent informations about situations and roads it is possible to ride (and maybe weather conditions or altitude...) don't hesitate to give me some !

Thanks in advance

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Cycling in Tibet requires

Cycling in Tibet requires joining an organized tour. Foreigners cannot cycle independently there.

If you want to cycle from Europe to Nepal, the most straightforward route is Turkey, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, China, Pakistan (over the Karakoram Highway, if it is open to cyclists during your journey), and India.

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Turkmenistan visa

Unfortunately lot of visa for Turkmenistan will be rejected.
So most cyclists riding to India or Nepal heading to southern Iran, crossing the Persian Gulf to Dubai and other Emirates. From there exists no passenger ship. Just cargo.

Pakistan isn`t very risky for kidnapping. Take care cause traffic. India is the same game.

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