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Upload trip track (gps/kml) to cross the map with warmshowers places

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Upload trip track (gps/kml) to cross the map with warmshowers places

New feature to allow users upload a gpx or kml file with the trip track and show it in the map together with the warmshowers places.

This is very useful to find and contact ws users that are near to our trip track.

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Hey Sandro,
I also wanted a way to load GPS files onto a host map so I built an unofficial iOS app. You can import GPX and KML files.
If you are an iPhone user, the app is free here: (link is external) but I have added the routes feature as a small in-app purchase.
It would be nice if this was officially built into the platform, but maybe my unofficial app could help in the meantime.

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web services or api

Hi Rajan, i think first this option should be available in WS site, actually is very easy to add a layer in the map with our track, i think is a matter of time to the feature be available, maybe no one thought about it before.
Then, of course it will be awesome to have it in the mobile app, to ios and android devices, because in the WS site you use it to plan your trip accommodation and in the mobile you use it to help find it the accommodation during your trip.
I have a android device, so i cannot test your app.
Another question, you are a WS member, do you know if WS have any kind of web service or api to allow others to have access to ws places??
that will be great because other people cold contribute to a better platform....

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Hey Sandro, All the WS code

Hey Sandro, All the WS code is open source and can be found on github. The website code also contains documentation of the public API. You should be able to contribute if you want to.

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oh cool, didn't know... as

oh cool, didn't know... as soon i have some time i will try to load the ws places in a web page with a map and an upload track.
i already have a site to manage gpx tracks, i will try to add the option to show WS places near the track you select or uploaded...

in case someone is interested were the link to ws git:

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I believe i raised this issue ( the first time ?) in 2015 Aug...

FWIW : I have made a "dummy" map showing what the result might be ( it is rather crude, but i think it illustrates the possibility..)

I have also launched a Google Shared Doc to record any progress on this issue :

FWIW : I am very happy someone else seems to think this is a good idea ( at last). I have to say, I have been disappointed at the level of negative criticism that other Thread has generated; or rather, that other members have directed against it ...

I look forward to progress !

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load the WS data in Mapsource software

I was thinking in get a list of the points in the map to load it to the "mapsource" software, that would help me to plan my trip, and I also would be able to load that data in my GPS if necessary.

The information is available (I could copy each coordenate one by one entering in each profile), could it be possible to download all that information in a single file?

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