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Any ideas on work in france or germany for 2 skint cycle tourists

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Any ideas on work in france or germany for 2 skint cycle tourists

Can anyone help. We have just entered france through strasbourg after cycling from Copenhagen via poland , slovakia, czech, austria and germany. But the funds are getting low, we have just missed grape season, any ideas warm showers comunity ?

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Work in Europe

Surprised no-one has answered, the question is open to all sorts of answers. Maybe better to go back to Germany for work but guess you'd be competing with many low wage migrants (is there still work picking grapes? Even in the 70s when I did a season, work was not always easy to come by). There may still be some grape picking in the north where the season is later. Language(s)? Farm work, try the work agencies, post on Workaway and / or HelpX; it's unpaid work but you's get free board & lodging. We hosted an Irish guy recently working for Deliveroo in Berlin, Cycle courier, see you're a musician(?) so how about busking in the Paris Metro? Another month and there'll be work as chalet hosts, bar work etc in ski resorts - apply now. Head south to warmer climes and wild camp for the winter to conserve funds - you'll have to be in S Morocco by January I guess to stay reasonably warm. Hope that's food for thought - good luck.

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chalet hosting

Guys if you can cook and get to the alps look for chalet host jobs. You won't earn much but you will be fed and housed and can use tips . Google ski jobs. X

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