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Crossing India > Myanmar > Thailand borders by bike

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Crossing India > Myanmar > Thailand borders by bike

Hi Warm Showers!
We have read a lot about the route's latest changes in the border India / Myanmar (if you enter to Myanmar from India Tamu\Moreh cross border point, you are not allowed to exit to Thailand . You must go out of Myanmar to India again), but we are looking for more experiences/tips/advices on that.
Has anyone tried to do that route? Any experiences with the guys in the Myanmar \ Thai border?
We will give that plan a try and are just about to get the Myanmar visa to cross by bicycle through Tamu border. Let's see what happens.
Looking forward to receiving your feedback!

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do you have any information

do you have any information for going the other way round? I wanted to cross through Myanmar into India...

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The ins & outs of Myanmar

We shall be interested to know how you get on - seems there was a change of visa rules a few weeks ago. Buen suerte.

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Myanmar border crossings
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Myanmar border crossings
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Looking for group to cross Tamu (MM) to Moreh (IN) about Jan 25

Hej, good news everyone! We are cycling on our way to India and it looks despite all we may be able to keep going overland!

After a lot of research we have been able to get an offer for the crossing only (no tour) and are looking for a group, as the price is too high for just the two of us. $300/4 people, $250/6 people, $200/8 people (and probably less if we find even more).

We would love to avoid flying and are willing to pay a (reasonable) premium for that! Had almost given up, as Exotic also confirmed people traveling Thailand-India with two permits were indeed not allowed to exit to India, unlike traveling the opposite direction.

Our visa is valid until January 25, so ideally this would be the set date or a date close to that. The agency could not confirm yet if overstaying a few days for $3/day would be acceptable at this border, so we would prefer to avoid this.

The tour agency has a good online reputation but does not want their name in public with this offer. They need at least 2 weeks to process, so Please contact us for more details ASAP: torsten (at) or call us on our cell in Myanmar +95 99 74747 001 . Our (not quite up to date) blog can be found on if you are curious who we are :)

Looking forward to hearing from you! :)

/Torsten and Lisi

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Looking for group to cross Tamu (MM) to Moreh (IN)

We are a group of seven cyclists trying to see which dates may work, as preferred would be between late January to late February. If interested, please join!

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Overland Myanmar-India

Are you still going overland from Myanmar to India? I'm in Thailand right now. If it possible I would like to join you.


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Tamu/Moreh Update February 2017

One last update with what happened to our overlanding plans to India, sorry it took me a while.

So, we were going to cross from Thailand (Myawady) to Tamu/Moreh with bicycles. Found one agency (Burma Senses / Asia Senses) who offered to organize the permits without need for a guide. All others we contacted said this was not possible at all. Managed to get a group of 6 cyclists together as was cheaper with more people.

They changed rules/options a few times, apparently both in Tamu and Myawady staff has changed recently and the current ones are extremely diligent/bureaucratic. We were told that Tamu would only let you leave after checking with Myawady that we entered already in a group, with correct permit, on the prescribed date.

So we got the permits from the agency, however when entering in Myawady staff insisted despite what the permit said we could only go with pilot car, guide and officer of Ministry of Hotel and Tourism with us all the time(!!) (ruling out any "cheating", too). Apparently they called lots of senior Ministry staff and decided that the permit could not be honored any more. Everybody was friendly and we had the impression they really just wanted/had to to follow the rules from high up/not make any mistakes, bribes were never suggested! Ministry of Hotels and Tourism and Immigration are quite separate and we gathered that Ministry staff were the "problem" in our case. Eventually our agency told us they saw no way to make it work and literally abandoned us at the border - not OK! A few more hours of discussion got us to at least keep our visas - we had to return to Thailand for the night, but were allowed in as "regular" tourists only the following day.

The agency did refund all our money right away, so lost quite a bit on this, too. Not sure if they were just too optimistic or naive, had overestimated their contacts, ...

I spent a lot of time trying to organize this and am pretty sure for the time being crossing Myanmar to India overland is currently impossible. Have not heard of anyone just showing up at the border and getting through, but did hear of people showing up and not getting through.

Options you have now seem to be Exotic Myanmar - but only if you want to go India to Thailand. They can do individual permits to enter from and leave to India for 2x$80, people can usually leave to Thailand even though they are not supposed to. Must be applied for before entering Myanmar. Thai to India this does not work, they said clients who tried where not allowed to leave at Tamu.

We heard rumors the situation may go back to normal maybe in April ($80 permits, no same border rule), if you have time maybe you get lucky.

Last, you can go on an organized tour. This has always been possible and will set you back about $500/person for 4 days if you are several people. It is not possible to join another group once in the country and say, just go for a day from Mandalay. Four days rushing through the country makes only sense for overlanders by motorbike or car, where flying isn't really an alternative, in my opinion ...

We really enjoyed our almost six weeks in Myanmar nevertheless, don't let this keep you from going! We have now cycled back to Bangkok via Dawei and are flying to Kolkata on Thursday :(

It was still great to meet so many interesting people due thanks this - staying so cool and calm all 10 hours stuck at Myawady it was almost fun!

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Border disorder

I thought it was great fun!! Especially the birthday celebration! Hope you're both well. Enjoy.

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