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Bike Box/warm, light sleeping bag/ light tent is on my wish list... I'm off to NZ in Nov!

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Bike Box/warm, light sleeping bag/ light tent is on my wish list... I'm off to NZ in Nov!

Hi! I'm just checking out this site more thoroughly before my tour... I don't know what will come of posting here, but I do have a wish list:

In general, I've got what I need, and I'm not sure how much money I'll spend to get lighter gear or whatnot. But if it came to me secondhand and easy, I would want:
1. BIKE BOX - if it's easier to package than a carboard box
2. I warmer SLEEPING BAG. (I'm just cold blooded!) Mine is rated to 25, but wo a lot of loft.
3. BIKE LOCK - that is light and strong. (My u-lock is heavy!)
4. 1-person TENT - or any tent under 2 pounds. (I thought about taking my bivvy, but for a 6 mo tour, I might want to 'paint inside' if it's raining. I paint occasionally along my travels.

Thanks for reading!
And thanks even more if you have any of these to offer (in Boulder, CO).

If not, I hope you've got a fun trip planned or are otherwise enjoying the outdoors!


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Don't understand Wishlist....

Kira , like many others here ... you do not understand what this wish list is for. It is NOT for your personal requirements, rather it is for suggestions about what the website needs ..for everybody's benefit ( not just you..)!

by posting these " personal needs" messages, you are helping to make the whole site more difficult to use, crowding out really useful posts with ...much less useful ones..!

Personally, my Wish List includes Eternal World Peace, but I don't expect to Post that here .

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Thanks for clarifying

I really like this site, and certainly have no intention to misuse it in any way.

Perhaps it should be made more clear, like labeling it Suggestions for Website...

Good luck!

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