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Australia - cycling through the outback and permits

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Australia - cycling through the outback and permits

Hi everybody,
I'm planning my Australian trip and I'm really interested in any information about the Adelaide - Alice Spring (Uluru) - Darwin road.
I would like to get off the main road and ride along small paths through Aboriginal lands, ideally the path Marla - Fregon - Uluru.
I found out that permits are required, but the procedure seems to be long and not very clear.
Has anybody ridden in those areas? Is it possible to get a permit "in loco"? Any tips?

Thanks a lot,

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I don't know where i posted

I don't know where i posted my other reply but it was supposed to be here so here is where i'm posting again.

I had some more thoughts. The road i was interested in doing was the mulga park road which is a bit further north than Marla. Anyway i was reminded that each state has a road organisation . I don't know what its called in either south australia or northern territory but RACQ is the queensland one and NRMA is the new south wales one. If you can find the one for those other states, and write to them, they should be able to give you good information on the condition of the roads, water and also maybe info about permits.

Other ideas to try are the local councils, and the local police.

With regard to sandy patches, in my experience these are usually restricted and not long long stretches so unless you here otherwise, you could probably cope i would think.

I tried to find an online map of aboriginal lands but couldn't, but the Hema Maps will show the aboriginal areas.

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You find a lot of

You find a lot of informations about epic offroad trails in australia here:

I cycled the stuart highway from darwin to adelaide, it´s the "easy" option. Feel free to ask about that. I did a movie about it as well, you can watch it here:


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possible help?

Some people in Melbourne a having a race later in the year through that part of the country, they may be able to provide advice:

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