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Cycling through Myanmar

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Cycling through Myanmar

Hey folks.,
I'm planning on cycling up through Myanmar in about a month, once I get through the rest of Laos and Thailand. Just wondering if anyone has any advice regarding nice routes, road conditions, expected length of daily trips, visa issues, possibilities of camping / troubles with the police??? I've friends living in both yangon and mandalay so I'll be heading to both of those. I'll be coming from Thailand through the mae sot border gate and then I'm hoping to cross into India after. Also does anyone know if you can get the Indian visa in Myanmar, or do I have to get it in Laos first, also are there any issues with going Between Myanmar and India???
Also if anyone is in the region,considering doing the same journey it could be fun to cycle with company??? :)
Thanks for help anyway, sure!

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Also looking for advice.

Also looking for advice. Although I will be arriving from the East (India). If i was going west, I would surely join you!

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crossing from Myanmar

Hello Ronan,

According to the Thorn tree thread, the border between Myanmar and Manipur has been reopened after it had been closed due to a recent earthquake in Manipur a few days ago. There is an ongoing thread in the Thorn tree forums, just type Myanmar / India Land Border Crossing at Tamu/Moreh..and you have very recent updates there. As for the Indian visa, you can get it in Yangon and it is the best option since the Indian visa starts right after it is issued and not when you enter the country. I got a 6 month double entry visa in Yangon without much trouble, you just have to go prepared with all the required documents in exactly the way they want it and the right amount of crispy dollars.
Good luck,

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I am also planning to get accross Burma


I am also planning to head accross Burma to India once I have finished up in Laos Cambodia Thailand, perhaps in 2 months, if we line up then that would be sweet, otherwise let us know how you go.



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dear roman

dear roman

i am currently in north malaysia planing to head back to europe via myamar and india. expect to be in bangkok in 2 weeks. where are you? would love to meet and see from there.


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Hi everyone,
we plan to cycle the same road thought Thailand (2months), Myanmar and India to New Dehli to take a plane to Bishkek. We will begin the Pamirs Highway M41 on June.
We ride about 40-60km per day, we like to camp most of the time.
We will be glad to join some others cyclists on the road...
have a look on our blogsite

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Border with China

Hi all,

We will be arriving at the Mae Sot border in 2 weeks and we plan to leave via the border crossing with China... We're not sure if this is possible/whether we need a permit so if anyone has any RECENT info about this northern route via Lashio and particularly along Rd 41, 43 and 44 from Kalaw towards Lashio) please let us know!



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Cycling through Myanmar

Hey folks,
we cycled from Mae sot in Thailand to Manipur, India in January 2016 and created a little travel guide pdf with information about this route. We hope this is useful for some of you:

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