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US Civil War Tour

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US Civil War Tour

We are planning a 90-days bike tour in the spring of 2011 from New Orleans to Washington DC. Fascinated by he US Civil War History we want to visit the highlight locations, and also enjoying live America music and beautiful landscapes. Roughly we have the following route in mind: New Orleans-Lafayette (LA-Vicksburg-Natchez Trace parkway-Tupelo(MS)-Shiloh-Chattannooga-East Tennessee (TS)-Roanoke-Petersburg-Richmond-Fredericksburg-Shenandoah Valley(VA)-Antietam-Gettysburg-Manassas-Washington DC.
Thus far we did not find much information on this route. So we are in for all kind of tips. First of all good maps. What kind of maps are suited for our cycling tip? having no experience of cycling in the USA we would like to know what kind of roads people recommend us to ride. Travelling with our tents we would like to know if there are tent camp sites in Lousiana and Mississippi. Do you have special tips cycling in bigger cities? All this information and other tips are welcome for us.
In return, any plans travelling in Holland and the rest of Europe. We live on a days cycling distance of Amsterdam Airport. We like to host colleague bike travellers from the USA or elsewhere.
Bouke and Gé de Vos, Wageningen, the Netherlands

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US Civil War Tour

Check out Adventure Cycling for their map up the Mississippi Ruver area.
They also have a route called the TransAmerica that meets it. There are other links and routes from that site. One is the U.S. Bicycle Routes site which the Mississippi River Trail link is from.
The Adventure Cycling maps are extremely well-researched and follow less traveld, more bicycle friendly roads.
I hope your trip goes well.
D. Knowles

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Civil War Tour

The Natchez Trace Parkway has at least two FREE campgrounds. Biking on the Trace will be enjoyable for you as it doesn't have a lot of car traffic. Not sure if the Blue Ridge Parkway or Skyline Drive will fit into your itinerary but it would be worth checking out.

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US Civil War Tour

In addition to the good advice that you have already received, you might check to see if the individual states have cycling maps/official cycling routes. Most states have a bicycle coordinator. There was a book called Bicycling Through Civil War History by Kurt Detwiler. I think that they are mostly loop routes, but you may be able to use bits and segments.

Good luck.

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Great, I found you. Gary and I are so excitied to have you visit. He is a Civil War Buff and will tell you the real, true history of this misunderstood war!!! I promise it is good and his history is correct. We will have such a great time together. I do think you MUST stop in Oxford, MS as it is only 1 hour car drive from Memphis. The Natchez Trace for sure is a most and we will do some research as well to help you in your planning. Let us know of any other needs you have. Be safe and keep in touch with us. Donna

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