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Shipping two bikes from Vancouver to Asia

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Shipping two bikes from Vancouver to Asia

In mid-June 2015 we’re flying into Seattle and then cycling around the Oregon coast and eventually heading back to Vancouver in mid July. We’d like to ship our bikes to an address in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia without us. We're off to see relatives in Quebec before we move to live in Kuala Lumpur in late August.

It’s really hard finding out the best way to do this so we thought someone in Vancouver must have had this problem or know someone who can solve it. Ideally we’d like to get it all arranged before we arrive then just box our bikes and hand them over for shipping before heading on July 29th to Quebec to visit relatives.

Simon, Isabelle and Leo

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Bike shipping

This is a Portland, Or company, but they work worldwide. I have never used them nor do I know anything about the pricing or the process.

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We haven't shipped from Vancouver but have shipped personal affects to Vancouver utilizing part of a container. The shared container seems to be very common and if you do not need your bikes to arrive the next day, perhaps the most cost effective. You can search for Shipping Companines in Vancouver (there are many) and contact them for a quote.
Here is one company that gives an explanation on the process:
Hopefully this helps.

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Hola~ If the bikes are to be


If the bikes are to be shipped here without you around, meaning time and urgency is not a factor, slow freight by sea would likely suffice? That would probably save a lot on fees.

If you need an address in KL, I could probably come up with one or two addresses, belonging to friends/relatives as I stay in a condominium with limited storage space


hope that helps

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