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Camping gas in France

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Camping gas in France

During recent tours of Germany and Italy, we found it very difficult to buy gas cannisters that would fit to our small stove. Now we intend to tour France. Can someone advise please if the camping gas cannisters are readily available, and whether they are the puncture or screw-on type, and if screw-on, what type of thread?
Thanks, Joke & Chris

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camping gaz cans

Both are availables and easy to find. The hudge sport supermarkets Decathlon usualy have it.
Enjoy France!


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We found problems in Europe

We found problems in Europe to find cannisters which had a screw fitting. The most common gas in France was a clipon fitting. We bought an adaptor in Switzerland which would fit onto the clipon fitting and we could use our screwon stove. Problem solved.
The cannisters are readily available at camping stores (including Decathlons and Hypermarches), hardware stores and sometimes campgrounds. Always keep a spare as you won't find a source on the day you need it!

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When touring France last year

When touring France last year I bought one of these before leaving and had to use this adaptor to use my hi gear British bought screw thread camping stove. This adaptor then worked for camping gas plunge and turn canisters which are found everywhere. If this link doesn't work search on edelrid valve cartridg adaptor. Hope this helps. Huw

Sold on Amazon also with lots of reviews.

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Thank you

Thank you for the responses.
I think the thing to do is buy one of those adapters so we can use our little gas stove on the French CampingGaz cannisters. This means we can leave our Coleman Feather fuel stove at home which is always difficult to carry on an aircraft - will save weight, too.

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