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0ne month in Europe, favorite ride

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0ne month in Europe, favorite ride

My girlfriend and I are planning a one month-6 week self supported tour in Europe. Camping and hostels. Now we need to decide where to go. June-Sept are all options. Wondering where are your favorite rides. We are English only speaking but hope that doesn't limit us too much. Ideas?

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Hi, have a look at the Iron Curtain trail. It's more than a month's worth, but you can jump on anywhere between Norway and the Black Sea. Touring is much cheaper behind the old curtain too.

River rides along the Danube, Rhine, etc can also be grand in a more sedate sort of way.

Enjoy your trip, Robert

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4-6 weeks Euro Tour

Anywhere in Western or Central Europe will work. Bavaria, Germany with wanders to Austria or Switzerland hard to beat. Language barrier? Forget it! Never had a problem with 4 long tours since 2007.

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This one, and other Eurovelo routes

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eurocycling in summer

On summertime almost the entire Continent is good for cyclotravelling,and you will enjoy nice weather everywhere. This is also the touristic peak, and prices are sometimes leveled up,so take care about it. Have a nice trip!

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Hey, I was Biking through the

I was Biking through the North of Germany (Berlin to Hamburg) and then further to denmark an over all the Island of denkmark until Kopenhagen (1500km). i know denmark isn't that cheap, BUT it there are 1000 of campingplaces which are for free. there are sometimes no toilets or something like that, but sometimes fireplaces,.... . and the People are so helpful and friendly. often slept at couchsurfers. so you can save Money for the Food :-) !!! and it was a so beautiful ride!!! i love the Island of denmark, they are incredible!!!!

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europe tour

Thanks everyone for a bunch of great suggestions! No decisions just yet, ideas will have to percolate

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Touring europe summer 2015

Hi there,

My girl friend and I are touring Europe from around 27 May (starting London) and planning to end up in Istanbul around July before heading back through Greece, Italy and France. If you would like to join up, let me know on [email protected].


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see this page:

Have a good ride, Sebastian

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