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Buy maps in Guadalajara

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Buy maps in Guadalajara


I am in the middle of a tour and will be getting to Guadalajara, Mexico soon. I would like to find some nice maps for central Mexico and Cuba.

Does anyone know if there is a decent map store in Guadalajara? I've discovered that finding maps or books in Mexico is quite a challenge, but GDL is the 2nd largest city...


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We used to live in Gdl and I remember that at first it took me ages to get a map. This was back in 2009 though and I can't remember where I got it though. But Roberto said that the Pemex gas stations should have them. Else maybe try shops where they sell newspapers?

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We have been checking the

We have been checking the Pemex stations, on the toll roads where you would expect maps to be sold. Not much luck, although we did finally find a full country fold out map, which is ok. I want the atlas that will have more smaller roads. I can always order that to be sent to Guanajuato where we'll be staying a bit, but the big thing I need to find is a map of Cuba and I'll need a legit map store for that, if I can find it at all.

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