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501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Granted

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501(c)(3) Tax Exemption Granted

We have received notification from the US Internal Revenue Service that our 501(c)(3) status has finally been granted. That means that donations are full tax exempt for US taxpayers, that our income is tax exempt, and also that we can get a number of benefits as a bona-fide credentialed nonprofit. Congratulations all! The letter is attached. (See application announcement for the full 501(c)(3) application packet and the Foundation organizing documents).

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missing post

I expected this thread's replies to begin with an appreciation comment. It did not. but it can be finished that way:

to Randy and other fellow cyclist who contributed :
Thank you very much for your time and energy which is spent to keep WS running.

have a good ride

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And thanks from me too. I've

And thanks from me too. I've enjoyed all the guests (well, barring one!) who have come to stay and have used WS myself to meet some great people while cycling. THANK YOU. you're terrific for setting this up!

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Thank you Warm Showers!

I want to give a big thank you to all hosts and everyone involved with Warm Showers. The people I have met through this site have all been wonderful people and have made bicycle touring even more special to me!

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fantastic work

Hear! Hear!

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YAAAY! Warmshowers!

Sincere "attaboys" to Randy and all involved in making this network as great as it is and available to those of us that appreciate the unique service and opportunity it provides.

Congrats on the status change... it is no small thing!

Blessings Randy... so what's next on the agenda?

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the greatest

Am currently biking in Portugal receiving the usual outstanding hospitality from amazing WS hosts. Since 2009 i have stayed with over 100 ws hosts, and as a resident of Missoula, Montana, home of Adventure cycling, I've also welcomed over a hundred guests. It is the greatest bike support imaginable. Thanks for the good work. Donation coming soon. Ethel MacDonald

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mil gracias dunkeshoen abrigado merci thanks

Fantastic resource for cycle tourists. I have always enjoyed staying with hosts and hosting.

With great gratitude


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I wish the cyclist on the road don't forget the people that hosting them because is best feedback .be strong

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Grateful this exists

Congratulations on this achievement. The fact that this exists is so amazing.

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