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cycling in the Baltic right now??

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cycling in the Baltic right now??


I like to cycle in winter time, also to camp. So I thought I am going to the Baltics, there is a good bit of snow and it is not too high. Besides I think that all those smaller roads without asphalt, will be quite good to cycle now, unlike in spring, when I got stuck in the sand quite a few times.

Any idea's, suggestions or experience??



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Baltics in winter

Hi Erik:

Shame that I saw your post late. Mid feb I cycled from Tallinn over the Ice Roads to the western Islands of Estonia. Great Experience, now I ve crossed the countryto the South and entered Russia, in St Petersburg right now. Snow has mostly melted (thank god, I am really looking for spring..)and I think I ll take off soon,direction Moscow and Ukraine.

Maybe we meet somewhere.
If you have the chance to cycle in Estonia in Winter, do it, great experience.

Here you may see some fotos:


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