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Anyone know a good and not too hilly route through the Pyrenees?

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Anyone know a good and not too hilly route through the Pyrenees?

Hello! We are currently near Carcassonne in France and wanting to head (roughly) to Barcelona, Spain. We would like to cycle through the Pyrenees, but are on (quite heavy) loaded mountain bikes, so are looking for a route without too many climbs. We have heard the Perpignan route is relatively flat, but would like something a bit more headed through the mountains. Some climbs are ok - just nothing too intense for the type of bikes we have! If anyone has any good suggestions for routes please get in touch.

Alice & Zak

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Hello Alice and Zak,

Your question is somehow a bit odd, you want to cross a major mountain range without climbing too much.

Here some options:

The coastal road D914 is quite beautiful and not flat at all. Lots of small ups and downs.

The D900 that follows the big freeway A9 is probably your easiest and ugliest option, and also not entirely flat.

Further inland you can choose different road that all have at least one mountain pass. The Col d'Ares (D115) is a bit over 1500m high and should be not a big problem with touring bikes.

With a good map you can find smaller roads that cross to Spain. Like the D3.


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Two years ago I rode from

Two years ago I rode from Carcassone to Barcelona, as part of my "cross Europe" tour.

I went straight over the Pyrenees. My route was via Limoux, Couiza, Quillan, Belcaire, Ax-Les-Thermes, Port de Envalira, Andorra la Vella, La Seu d`Urgell (Spain). I think that route was relatively ok with a touring bike and all the stuff.

Naturally You have to do some climbing if You want to go over the Pyrenees but I found my route easy enough. Only the road from Ax-les-Thermes to Port d`Envalira was hard. But after You reach Envalira its all downhill to Spain :) and actually (fairly) easy roads continue as You head towards coast.

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